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Kaiyahs Kure

Body Butters for Beginners eBook

Body Butters for Beginners eBook

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I actually cannot believe that I have created my first ever eBook on how to formulate Body Butters.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create your own natural skincare products? Become the formulator and learn how to create rich long lasting body butters that are perfect for the whole family with this quick and easy guide. 

Whenever you set out to start learning something new, the new adventure can seem challenging and daunting. As scary as this may seem, it turns out once you have a little bit of practice, faith and the right guidance, it becomes easier than ever.  Rest assured this ebook will guide you through every step.

By the end of this guide, you will:

  • understand the basics on how to create a basic body butter formula 
  • understand the difference between a formula and recipe
  • have 3 full body butter formulas, 2 of which we personally sell, Vanilla Dream & our viral Reform body butter
  • know some common mistakes to avoid
  • a UK suppliers list

This is a fun activity to help strengthen your skincare routine and create products that are completely customisable and suitable for the purposes you see fit. Not only will making this product nourish your skin, but process of creating it will nourish you spirit.

Please note: This is digital download and no physical item will be shipped. Pleaseeeee make sure that all formulas and recipes provided in this ebook should not be shared with anyone. Gatekeep this one. As this is a digital products, no refunds will be issued. 


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